The Island of Shame

Published on 6 July 2022 at 21:18

It's been a few months since I moved back to the small island I grew up on. Some might call me crazy for ever going back to what some call " a God forsaken place". In my eyes I must go back to find out why do foreigners call it paradise, yet locals can't see it! Besides I call it crazy to stay in a country that convinces me every chance they get to "go back to my own land", without ever acknowledging the fact that they are the reason I am here in the first place. So the journey started!  Threw everything away and bought a one way ticket and hoped that for the time being the Netherlands would never see me again. 

Finally on the island and what  I saw was interesting to say the least.... It's hard fitting in to your own culture when you know something is off, but you just can't put your finger on it! Being so full of excitement of all the possibilities. It is only when you get really close to the wounds, you find out, why nothing really changes on these islands.  Islands that used to be paradise, turned into plantations. Land bathed in blood, sweet and tears. Centuries later, no one ever cleared the lands properly, so that misery still lingers.... Centuries of indoctrination still being kept alive, but done so smoothly, that an innocent mind would call you crazy for ever calling it out. It was the day I heard this scripture: "pami kulpa, pami kulpa, pami gran kulpa" (for my sins, for my mistakes for my grand fault), I was reminded on how "guilt" for something you didn't even do is a very powerful tool to manipulate human beings. And also for shaming and isolating the ones that refused to be manipulated. 


Shame them!

Shame them for loving who they want to love

shame them for wearing what they want

shame them for thinking their own thoughts

shame them for not being "obedient"

shame them for the courage of being free!!!!

I was plucked apart for moving, breathing, thinking, enjoying and liberating myself. And great frustration came, great isolation came, for how is it that no one else sees what I see, or more sadly how can they see what I see and do nothing about it? I refuse to keep moving, bending and making myself small for the comfort  of other's. Stand your ground! Refuse to let anyone make you feel as if you are "taking up to much space" on a planet that has enough space on it for all of us! 

In my great exhaustion I saw what I didn't  see before: warriors that move in silence. Warriors that seem "obedient" yet are the leaders of freedom. The rebels get "silenced", so the warriors learned  to speak the language of freedom and only the pure hearted could hear! Write books, make music and most importantly: stay very close to each other and to oneself. 

Centuries of being prohibited to speak our truth and today our story is being told by someone else to our children, as if it's the whole story. Got our own children becoming our greatest enemies towards our ancestors and themselves. Being ashamed for the crimes someone else committed. Creating a huge war within oneself. 


Healing Shame

My clients ask me "how can I heal? I see the fire in there eyes! The antidote is easy, it's the discipline is the hard part. The antidote is exercise (10  min) , yoga (10 min) , shadow work and scripting. Exercise helps your body create "happy hormones": dopamine, oxytocin and  serotonin. The production of these  hormones will help put you in a stable state of mind and contribute to a smooth healing process.

Yoga contributes in the healing of the wounds we cannot see, yet the pain is tangible. There are certain "energetic wounds" that a person can carry with them that can be caused by different experiences, but can also be passed on from generation to generation in the form of a unhealed bloodline. Water and blood are two elements that can hold on to and transfer information. Doing yoga you revert your energy inwards and move and clear energy that is stuck in the body and and prevents this energy to manifest itself in the form of malfunctioning organs. 

Shadow work is translating feelings into a new thought pattern. You will have a sit down with all your shadows that live inside of yourself, planting thoughts of shame, doubt and unworthiness into your mind. The moment you become aware of limiting beliefs surrounding the feelings of shame, unworthiness and low self-esteem, you can start questioning it and in this moment these feelings lose their power over you! 

The last step is scripting. During your healing journey you will be confronted with the identity that you have had bestowed upon you. This identity that you have might have helped you survive in this life and now it's time to say thank you and to elevate to a higher version of yourself. When all your limiting beliefs get dismantled, so does your current identity and at time you will feel completely "lost". This is your body redirecting you to a greater versions of yourself. As this is happening, you get complete control to define what you want to happen in your life and just like a movie has a script, your life can also be scripted. You take a notebook and a pen and stat writing down the life of your dreams from the house, the car, the family, health etc you want. The basic rule is to make sure that these are objects of your pure hearts desires and are not coming from your ego!  Slowly they will start manifesting your dream into your reality! For you are the alpha and the omega: it all starts and ends with you! 


Be Free, Stay Free! 

Happy healings,





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