How to overcome Infertility

Published on 28 November 2021 at 17:27


A life filled with trying not to get pregnant or not get anyone pregnant. Until one day you want to start your family, but can’t…. The reality is that no one teaches us about our human anatomy and it’s only when our body “fails us” we are confronted with two options: either accept that having kids in this lifetime will not happen or you can start looking for answers in unexpected places.

If you belong to the second group: welcome sweetheart! I send all the digital hugs in the world to you! For it hasn’t been easy! All the medication and treatments in hope that one day you will get the news that you are expecting a little bundle of joy! Yet when modern/ western medicine ends, is when your holistic journey begins.

In holistic practices it’s believed that your body is the medicine. In the body we find the nervous system that is connected to the human chakra’s. Chakra’s are energy centers in the body that run along the spine and correspond with certain nerve bundles and major organs.

When it comes to the reproductive organs, they are connected to the second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is located under the belly button. This chakra is responsible for your sexual and creative energy. When this chakra is blocked, it causes disfunction in the reproductive organs.


How can you tell if your sacral chakra is blocked/unbalanced?

  • Sexual and reproductive health issues (infertility and erectile dysfunction)
  • Urinary problems, kidney dysfunctions
  • Hip, pelvic and low back pain
  • Inability to express emotion or desire
  • Constant fear of betrayal.


How does the sacral chakra get blocked/ unbalanced?

  • Stress and emotional upset
  • Negative emotions associated with your reproductive organs
  • Detachment from you sexuality
  • Trauma (fear/ anxiety towards sexual pleasure, pedophilia, rape, sexual intimidation)


In this life only a few adults have the guts to talk to teenagers about their sexuality and how the male & female anatomy works. We are just left to fend for ourselves. STD’s, birth control and  abortions are all topics that are not spoken about, yet it happens every single day and NO the advice of “DON’T GET PREGNANT” is not sufficient and is the main reason why so many adults walk around completely clueless of the wonder that is their own body. So no wonder when it’s finally time to get pregnant, we have no idea what we are doing!

In certain societies fear and guilt are used into getting the youth not to enjoy their sexuality. This causes stress and emotional upset. This causes the individual to repress their sexual energy, leading to fixations. For energy has to be released (either positively or negatively) or this energy gets stuck and causes dysfunction in the organs located in the lower abdomen.

As young children this world is a little to eager to teach us “how to be a man/ lady”. We get so little room to discover our own identity and sexuality. We absorb what we think we should be by mimicking other males/ females in our environment. Sometimes we want more, yet we have never been introduced to a better way of accepting our femininity and masculinity, we get stuck in the old ways of the generations that came before us!

Blockages and an unbalance in the sacral chakra can also be caused by ancestral trauma. Certain traumatic events such as pedophilia, rape and unwanted pregnancies are not spoken about in families. In a holistic aspect blood and water are two elements that can store information. Even if it is not spoken, your body knows the truth. Women that have been traumatized in anyway, can pass on their trauma through the womb. So it might just be that the blockages that you carry, are not even yours, but you are the person that has been given the task to clear and heal your entire bloodline.


How can you unblock, balance and heal your sacral chakra?

  • Yoga
  • Tap into your creative side
  • Drink water
  • Shadow work

Doing yoga, you give your internal organs a nice message, releasing all trapped energy that might be blocking your sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is the energy portal of your creativity and practicing your creativity, will help rebalance this chakra. For example cook, dance, paint, sing, create art. Do something that gives you 100% creative freedom. This will let you sensual energy flow and helps heal your sacral chakra.

Drinking water super charges the sacral chakra. It will help let the chakra work in an optimal state and powerful ways that will help you attract all the things you desire towards you, effortlessly!

Shadow work is reflecting upon aspects of your life and body you feel stuck in! When you feel stuck, it is because there is energy stuck in your body that needs to be released. Emotions such as fear, anxiety and guilt can find parts of your body to hide  in. When it comes to infertility, energy is blocking the reproductive system/ organs. Reflecting upon the emotions you have towards your womb and sexuality, can reveal “limiting beliefs” you might have. Limiting beliefs are thoughts/ opinions that a person believes to be the absolute truth. They tend to have a negative impact on one’s life by stopping them from moving forward and growing on a personal and professional level. By acknowledging your beliefs, you can reevaluate which beliefs no longer serve you when it comes to your sexuality and fertility. In return releasing energy and wounded emotions out of your womb and reproductive organs!


This is the one powerful tool to either get pregnant or prevent pregnancies, naturally is: 

The Period & Fertility calendar. An example of this calendar is listed below!


Take the first day of your period and add 14 days (2 weeks). The days marked in purple are the days that you are fertile. Bare in mind that sperm can live in the female body for 3 – 7 days, depending on the pH level of the vagina. If you want to conceive, start a week prior to being fertile. If you don’t want tot conceive, be very mindful in the week leading up to your fertile days!

This part is the hard part to talk about, but I am going to do it anyway. For I am not going to lie to you, this world has done that enough! Not being able to conceive, might also be a sign that your current partner is not the father/mother to your children. Take time to evaluate your relationship and ask yourself are you in it for love or out of fear?

It also might be that in this life you promised yourself that you want to enjoy your life, for in the previous life you gave birth to 12 children and wanted some rest in this new life! Be kind with yourself!

I hope this blog has helped you in anyway in your fertility journey! I send you all the love to find the healing that you are seeking! For you are a warrior for overcoming this journey! YOU GOT THIS!


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Happy Healings,



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