My life's Purpose

Published on 11 November 2021 at 11:11

What is  even the reason I exist?

This is the question I get confronted with often.

What is even my purpose in this life?


Take a deep breath!

Close your eyes and ask yourself:

What can I do with the least amount of effort and am amazing at?

The answer might not come as an answer, but a sign, when you least expect it.


Too often we think that our purpose is to get an education,

get a job, find a life partner, have kids and retire.

Maybe I am just the universe having a human experience.

Maybe I am here to elevate the human consciousness.,

maybe I am here to enjoy the little things in life.

Maybe this life is not the only one I get to experience life on planet earth.

 If this was so, would you live your life differently?

For too often society pushes down our throats that if

I am not a millionaire by the age of 30, I am a fucking failure.

Yet I have seen enough rich people being really unhappy.

These influencers be fronting. Anybody can rent/lease a mansion or a sportscar,

 take a bunch a pictures and pretend to be “successful”

You control your reality! You control the narrative of your life.

 For maybe you won’t be a millionaire according to your bank account

 (this also means, you pay less taxes, this is an automatic win!).

It also means your empire is the deeper level of compassion and

love that you have experienced, that no amount of money can buy.

The moment I realized that life was happening for me, not against me.

Life shifted!

So many times I wanted something so much

For days, months, even years later

To only find out that what I thought broke me

Just made room for an even more beautiful future

Than I could ever imagen.

Resistance Is the cause of my pain and suffering

It feels like swimming up stream

Sooner or later I lose all strength

And find myself surrendering to the flow of life!

To only find out that the flow brought me to an even better

Place than the space I was so desperately holding on to!

For I now know that my mind is limited

But this universe is limitless

Trusting the process!

Trusting myself !

I become one with the universe

And I too become limitless


Maybe your purpose is to experience yourself

 from different viewpoints to get a deeper understanding

 of your energetic existence in this universe.

This human experience is yours and yours alone to experience.

 Everybody else is just extra!

"For I am the alpha and the omega.

It all starts and ends with me"


Happy Healings,


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