How do I survive a Lockdown?

Published on 24 September 2021 at 09:42

I have never felt more powerless than this past 18 months. Trying so desperately to hang on to our old reality, yet the realization came that this reality wasn’t that great to begin with. 

I truly can say I never knew how resilient I am until I had no other choice.

If these lockdowns have taught me anything is how I would try to escape myself in food, parties, festivals, travel etc. Every time I would feel foreign  in my own life and skin I would find a quick fix. To only feel good for a minute and return right back to that feeling that I would move heaven and earth to escape. These lockdowns forced me to confront everything that I have been trying to escape from my; own insecurities, demons, guilt, fear, the feeling of unworthiness etc.  


I was left with two choices: fight or surrender. Yet fighting for peace, just creates more conflict. At the same time I refused to take the alternative that was widely promoted. The new normal is what they called it… The way the new normal was being promoted was in the form as if there was no other alternative. This is where my feeling of being powerless came from. How can a few people in this world determine the fate of millions of people they have never met?

I noticed my hair was turning white at the age of 27. I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself : ‘ we have to do something, before I self-destruct!’. I searched for yoga practices and came across a 30 day morning yoga movement challenge by a young instructor called Kassandra. This challenge saved me from letting the chaos of the outer world devour me completely. 

I learned that my power resides within myself. I learned that my surroundings are just a reflection of what is going on within my body and my own consciousness. The moment I don’t like what I see in the world around me, I know that I must travel into my own psyche to change it!

I have a life long battle with the practice of ‘surrendering’. My limiting belief was that the person that surrendered was the ‘weaker’ and was defeated by the ‘stronger’ counterpart. The way I set myself free from this limiting belief was the knowledge of Newton’s 3rd law of motion: two objects exist and move in equal and opposite  direction. In other words: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. 

In this moment I realized the power of the surrender! Surrendering means to me acknowledging all the bad in this world and not  reacting to it! Everything I react to, I am giving my energy to it; my energy is my power and in return supercharging precisely that thing I no longer want to see in this world. By not reacting to certain events I take my power back! and redirect it to a the new reality that I can’t wait to manifest.  For my new normal is filled with love, freedom and compassion! How are you contributing to see more of what you desire in this life and world?


These are 5 tips on how to survive a Lockdown:

  • Drink water. water is the fuel of the body and keeps it working in top condition
  •  10 min yoga practices. ( yoga helps amplify the energy that is in your body and is a internal message for your body, releasing all trapped emotions in your organs. This helps prevent all illness in the human body )
  • 10 min work out practices 
  • make a bucket list
  • shadow work 

Research has shown that our body is 70% water. Consuming water keeps you body working in top condition! Yoga and exercise amplify the energy that is inside you, making you a empowered, supercharged with energy, glowing and radiant and magnetic for the life that you aspire to obtain.  

Everything that is happening in this world, can make a person melancholy. Creating a bucket list gives you the chance to play and have fun. This will keep your spirit high and in great condition. This last step is very very important. In my personal journey  I came across the terms 'love and light’. These words played into my own limiting believes that spiritual people are all hippies that don’t shower and have questionable wardrobe taste. My belief that the spiritual journey was going to instantly lead me to this huge glow up in life was shattered. For my glow up will come, but before that comes the part that no one really talks about; the shadow work.

Shadow work involves getting in touch with the parts of yourself that you’ve repressed. It’s called shadow work because it requires us to dive into the unconscious material that shapes our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. 

The reason I say that shadow work is very important is because while doing yoga and exercise will power up the  light that is inside of you, it also powers the shadows/ dark side within yourself. Too often all the emotions we refuse to feel, gets dumped into our dark side. In modern times we have been told that our dark side is everything but good. We are taught that our darks side is something we must hide, despise and don’t honor it. Yet in holistic practices our dark side it the side that has no limits! Our light is powered by the darkness. What would you be able to achieve if you believed that you are limitless?

During shadow work your body will release all the emotions that have been trapped into your body. It differs per person how the body reacts to this emotional detox. Symptoms are intense crying, a huge feeling of sadness, a feeling of emptiness, acne outbreaks, longer periods (if you are releasing trauma from your womb). It differs per  person! Cry, scream, laugh, indulge in delicious foods; you and your body need as much comfort as possible, while your body is really going through it! 


The most important tool during shadow work is to ground yourself while you are detoxing. Grounding in the summertime can be  going to a park and taking your shoes of and standing on the grass/ laying on the grass. Your body can discharge all the energy that no longer serves you. Swimming is also a wonderful way to detox. If it's winter time, go to a park and put your hands around a tree bark.

Grounding is a powerful tool when you are doing shadow work. For during this time your entire being will shed itself from the identity it  believed was your greatest version. This might make you feel that you need to defend yourself, for everything you believed about yourself to be true is being threatened. Yet if you see it as; you are  a tree that is shedding all of it's leaves and surrender to the process, your  next blossom will be EPIC! (The glow up)  For you will be completely transformed into the person you knew you always wanted to be <3 

In the moment that you approach your shadows and have an open conversation with them, is when you will set yourself free. You gain the power to transform darkness into light. For you become the alchemist! You master how to turn wounds into wisdom. Remember;  This is your world and you are the creator!

Happy Healings




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